Re-entry Plan for Public Worship

Re-entry plan for public worship

Under Phase 2 of the North Carolina re-entry plan, places of worship can reopen with no
limit on the number of people gathered. However, physical distancing and other safety
precautions must be observed.

We offer this plan to the glory of God, with the desire for our congregation to return to
in-person worship, and with a commitment to protect as much as possible the health and safety
of the people who choose to return to the CCPC for in-person worship.
The decision whether or not to attend in-person worship is an individual decision. We
believe that God alone is Lord of the conscience and that no one should be judged for any
decision made.

1. Access to sanctuary will be only through the atrium doors.
2. All attendees must sign in when entering (in order to have an accurate record of
attendees in case they need to be notified if someone tests positive for Covid-19).
3. All worship attendees will be required to wear appropriate face coverings.
4. All worship attendees will be encouraged to bring their own health/safety items (e.g.,
mask, hand sanitizer, wipes, etc.).
5. Extra masks and hand sanitizer (if available) will be provided.

1. Seating according to recommended physical distancing guidelines will be designated.
2. Worship attendees will be seated by ushers in appropriate spaces.

1. All materials will be removed from the pew racks (e.g., hymnals, Bibles, cards) and
2. The order of service (responses, prayers, scripture readings, etc.) will be projected
onto the screens.

1. Offering:
a. Members will be encouraged to contribute online as much as possible.
b. Receptacles will be placed at the two sanctuary doors and attendees can place
their offerings in the receptacles as they enter or leave worship.
2. Children’s Church: Children’s Church will be provided and will take place at the
same time as worship. Parents are asked to take their child directly to the children’s
church area before entering the sanctuary.
3. There will be no nursery provided.
4. There will be no printed bulletins. All responses will be projected on screens in the
5. Ushers will undergo training for greeting, signing in, and seating worship attendees.
Ushers will assist worshipers in leaving the sanctuary at the conclusion of the service,
following appropriate physical distancing guidelines.
6. Celebrating the Sacraments
a. Baptism: Will be considered by the session on a case by case basis.
b. The Lord’s Supper will be celebrated. Safety guidelines will be followed.
This includes not passing any plates and receiving pre-portioned elements handed out by one individual.

1. There will not be a choir until it is safe for them to gather for rehearsal and worship
2. Music in the worship service will be provided by Polly and Suzanne as follows:
a. Prelude
b. Hymns
c. Offertory Reflection
d. Postlude
3. Special Music will continue to be soloists as well as other small groups (2 or 3) that
can safely distance themselves.
4. Congregational hymn singing will be suspended until it is determined it is safe to
resume. The congregation is encouraged to listen to the music and prayerfully
contemplate the words to the hymns as they are projected on the screen.

Because it has been determined that the risk of transmission is higher the longer a group
sits together, the worship service will be shortened. The order of service will be:
o Prelude
o Welcome
o Call to Worship
o Prayer of Confession and Assurance of Pardon
o Gloria Patri (perhaps music only)
o Prayer for Illumination
o Scripture Lesson
o Special Music
o Sermon
o Prayers of the People with Lord’s Prayer
o Offertory Reflection
o Affirmation of Faith
o Hymn (selected verses)
o Benediction
o Postlude

1. At the conclusion of the worship service, attendees will be dismissed by the ushers in an
orderly fashion that assures social distancing.
2. Everyone is asked to exit through the narthex doors (facing Yaupon Drive).

1. People will be instructed to use only the bathrooms located in the narthex. All other
bathrooms will be closed.
2. Necessary sanitation supplies will be provided (e.g., wipes, Lysol, etc.).
3. People will be asked to help sanitize the faucets and door handles after use.
4. All water fountains will be unavailable for use.